About Bee & Willow

Bee & Willow is a home and decor brand launched by Bed Bath & Beyond as its first-ever private label whole home brand on March 12, 2019​. The collection under Bee & Willow spans furniture and decor items catering to every room of a house. It’s highlighted for its affordability with prices starting as low as $4.99, extending up to just under $1,000 for the most expensive items. The brand emphasizes offering everyday decor that is accessible to a broad customer base​.

Bee & Willow is described as a charming blend of rustic and clean-lined aesthetics, encompassing a range of products including furniture, bedding, and other home decor items​. As Bed Bath & Beyond’s inaugural in-house brand, Bee & Willow led the way for additional in-house collections. It was the first among six in-house brands the company planned to introduce through the year 2020, indicating a broader strategy by Bed Bath & Beyond to diversify its offerings and perhaps cater to a younger, #adulting audience with modern, affordable furnishing options​.

The brand’s offerings, characterized by their modern, yet rustic charm, and affordability, aimed to furnish the modern home without breaking the bank, embodying a blend of quality and style that resonates with a wide array of customers.


Bee & Willow offers a variety of products across different categories. Here are some of the categories and products that have been identified:

  1. Cleaning Supplies:
    • Example: Lavender & Eucalyptus Surface Cleaner​.
  2. Bedding:
    • Examples: Striped Plush Full/Queen Blanket, Heavy Weight Flannel 3 Piece Sheet Set​.
  3. Home Decor:
    • Examples: Printed Plush Full/Queen Blanket, 31-Piece LED Village Set with Timer Tea Lights​.

Bee & Willow has a distinctive style that aims to bring a modernized touch to farmhouse decor. Their furniture predominantly features pale neutral color palettes such as Natural and Light Natural, which harmonize well with the grays and browns found in their decor items. Some pieces lean more towards the traditional farmhouse aesthetic​.

In addition to the chic farmhouse style, Bee & Willow has a Spring Farmhouse Line which was showcased in a YouTube video. In this video, the host takes viewers shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond to check out the new spring line from Bee & Willow, likely presenting a seasonal collection that aligns with the brand’s aesthetic of modern, clean-lined farmhouse decor​.

These insights indicate that Bee & Willow not only has a distinctive style but also offers seasonal collections to keep the brand fresh and aligned with current home decor trends. The brand’s offerings seem to blend modern simplicity with a rustic, farmhouse charm, providing a variety of options for consumers looking to bring a cozy, yet contemporary feel to their homes.



Bee & Willow was launched as a private label by Bed Bath & Beyond. The launch of Bee & Willow might have been a strategic decision made by the leadership of Bed Bath & Beyond to introduce a private-label brand that aligns with modern farmhouse decor trends. Around the time of the brand’s launch in 2019, Bed Bath & Beyond underwent several executive leadership changes. Mark J. Tritton was appointed as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Bed Bath & Beyond, effective November 4, 2019, succeeding interim CEO, Mary A. Winston​. This leadership change was part of the broader organizational transformation aimed at revitalizing the company’s brand portfolio, which possibly included the introduction of Bee & Willow.

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